So, who is welchwords?

Welcome to welchwords

Croeso. Creadigol. Lluniwr geiriau. These are Welsh words.

I, on the other hand, am Welch Words. Phil Welch – a highly experienced, award-winning freelance creative copywriter with a background that covers everything from recruitment and education marketing to sports reporting. In fact, during my lengthy career I’ve been a DJ, radio journalist, waiter, barman and, for one memorable summer back in the 80s, a restaurant manager.

But words are what I do best. For clients ranging from global banks and FMCG multinationals to government departments and non-profits. Been, there, done that, haven’t got the t-shirt – but only because they don’t make it in my size.

So, this blog covers everything that interests me. From recruitment and education marketing and the use of social media to personal passions like music (rock, jazz, classical, pop), sport (pretty much any kind) and food.



1 thought on “So, who is welchwords?

  1. hey Phil, what about your passion for all things French? je pense que tu ne dois pas etre si modeste et que tu dois show off que tu es un francophile passionné. have fun avec le blog!

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