Not my cup of tea


In the UK, we drink 165 million cups of it every single day.

That’s around two and half cups for every man, woman and child in the country.

So it’s fair to say that we like a cuppa.


But Starbucks have decided the tea category needs ‘rejuvenation’.

Which means getting more young people to drink it.

How? By introducing exciting new teas.

Such as ‘blackberry mojito green tea lemonade’ and ‘black iced tea lemonade’.

Which prompts the question: are these teas, mojitos or lemonades?

Because it’s not clear.

In fact, it seems to be very confused branding.

Yes, it seems to be trying to get people to drink tea.

By drinking something else that has just a hint of tea.

But, don’t worry.

Because they’re also bringing “craftsmanship and theatre to life in store”.

Through things like “shaken ice and tea latte art”.

So that’s all right then.

Because, even if you’re not keen on drinking tea. Or if the tea tastes like blackberry, lemonade or mojito – or dishwater – they’ll dazzle you with their showmanship.

Of course, their Teavana range will offer Earl Grey and English Breakfast tea, too.

Because, as they say, they’re “very respectful of tea traditions in places like the UK.”

The traditions that mean we drink 165 million cups of tea (not lemonade or mojitos) a year.

How enlightened of them.

I’ll think about that.

The next time I’m making myself a good, strong cup of tea.


1 thought on “Not my cup of tea

  1. I’ve often come across beverages that have made me ponder. I’ve come to the, fairly obvious, conclusion that if the beverage is not made with tea – it’s not tea.

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